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Welcome to my cool stuff collection! A random assortment of things I find interesting or cool. More in-depth and well-made trash on the i-zine.

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90s/00s UK Bands ABCs #1 A is for Ash

music, list, 90s, 2000s

>> Coming soon . . . . [read more].

...Of the Month #1: August 2022

music, film, list, literature

>> August was a messy month. Not the last glorious month of summer at all. Are adults even allowed summer vacation? Government says no. While my life is in a predicament, there is no denying that when it comes to media, August was excellent for me. I haven't watched this many movies since my Pretentious Years™. So, I'm happy . . . . [read more].

...Of the Month #2: September 2022

music, film, list, literature

>> September has been a month classified as a mixed bag, with holes, and its all soggy and gross. So not really mixed, mostly kind of shit. I was very unproductive and most of the movies I came across were mediocre with very few exceptions. I thought to get back into anime but I'm worried I wont be able to finish most shows I start . . . . [read more].

Spooky Movies All October 2022

list, film

>> I cannot confirm nor deny the beginner-ness of all these films. Real horror professionals would assemble a totally different list, but I relied on a consensus of what is considered good horror and decided to get all of that over first. I could die tomorrow. So I better watch a good movie before that. Most of these can be . . . . [read more].

...Of the Month #3: October 2022

music, film, list, literature

>> October is over, we have to wait another 11 months again! It was a surprisingly productive month for myself. Inktober proved to be fruitful and my art page is steadily growing. I did not succeed in my Spooky Movies Challenge as I failed to watch all 31 films in 31 days. However, I still had a good time and thats what counts. This . . . . [read more].

Trick Or Treat Halloween 2022 Event

film, 80s, music

>> You are EDDIE WEINBAUER, a.k.a. Ragman. Resident metalhead loser, you don't have it easy at school. Even worse, your music idol, SAMMI CURR, has just died in a hotel fire. One day, local radio jockey, DJ NUKE, gives you what is the only record of Sammi's last album, SONGS IN THE KEY OF DEATH. Something strange . . . . [read more].