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I'm Finny! Enjoy your stay. Link to me? My Neocities Profile and my buttons:

Adjustments made to margins of the About page to be more responsive to wider screens.

3 new stickers added to my Sticker Club Sheet. Numerous stickers added to my collection.
File locations modified on the Graphic's page.

Bad Art 2023 page added!
Added iframes to blog for better navigation. Changed some blog graphics, old ones were meh.

Fixing errors on the Free Graphics page: all assets moved and linked from Tumblr, 'Sticker' category changed to 'PNGs', 'Back to Directory' button adjusted on main page to be visible in mobile, 'cool stuff' button removed, new items added.
Fixing errors on the Art Directory page: assets moved to and linked from Tumblr.
Managing links to other Neocities sites on the index page.

Blog page added instead of fixing the site. Happy holidays.

Added more buttons to the button scroll.

There has been a massive site overhaul! Pages have been modifed to use CSS grid and to scale with various screensizes.
A moderately acceptable mobile-friendly version of the select pages are now available: Index/Home, Art Directory, About, and Bad Art 2022. Cool Stuff remains unmodified for now.
New page added: Human Finny's Graphics Lair.

Completed a number of reviews for Spooky Movies All October 2022.
Added entry images to Page 2 of Cool Stuff for entries: OTM #3: October 2022, Trick or Treat Halloween Event, and the Yesterweb Halloween Treats/Loot page.
Added Page 3 to the Cool Stuff directory. New lavendar theme.

The Regular Butterfly Theme is back. Happy November!
Updates made to all OTM entries (including book progress reports and number of films seen each month).
OTM #3 completed.

Halloween 2022 loot page has been updated with even more treats.
Halloween 2022 loot page and the Trick or Treat (1986) page have links to acess the Yesterweb 2022 Trick or Treat Event.

New Sticker for Sticker Sheet Club!
New entry on the Cool Stuff page, it's my Halloween 2022 loot!

Fixed overflow size on Bad Art pages.
Updated the Spooky Movies All October 2022 page.

2022, 2021, and 2020 Bad Art pages modified to better fit additional text and links.

Halloween 2022 page added, it's a Trick or Treat (1986) shrine!

I am now part of the Self-Insert Webring! Check out my widget here!

Made changes to art pages: fan art is now available in two pages: 2020-2014 fan art and present-2021 fan art. Pages yet to be uploaded.
Bad art 2020 has been modified.
Cool Stuff entries now have comments. Comments are manually approved as of now via Commentbox.io.

2021 art page added.

Completely new layout for bad art section created. 2022 art page changed.

September OTM (Of The Month) page updated.
Two new entries added to Cool Stuff: Spooky Movies All October 2022 and Of The Month #3: October 2022.

Halloween Theme added. Happy holidays...
2 new stickers added to my stickers here.

I now have a sticker sheet from the Sticker Sheet Club. Added 1 sticker to my sheet here.

New button! Huzzah!

Cool Stuff pages have been modified to take up less space and for page connections to be more logical.

Re-adjusted image sizes on Art 2022 page.
Added brackets to Cool Stuff page navigator to differentiate which page is displayed.
The about page has been given a new look and way too much info.

Cool Stuff has been updated: Title fonts changed. 2 new entries added.

Cool Stuff has been added! 6 entries to be added soon.

New ERROR WIZARD ! Huzzah!

Art directory, 2020 art, and 2022 art are up.

The main page has been constructed to my satisfaction...it looks ok.

The site has been created! Hurrah!

Official site birthday.

older updates...

Sunday: 12 February 2023 Hello, website visitors! The human finny will be going on another break/hiatus, but this time for real. My last break lasted only a week and really didn't give me the proper time to address my silly IRL problems. Thanks everyone, I will be back but we all need a break once in awhile, so make sure you take yours when you need it. Huzzah!

Sunday: 22 January 2023 新年快乐! Hurray and happy celebrations, all of the new year's have now happened and its all starting to feel like a new start! The year of the rabbit is my year and I don't really believe in any higher power outside of coincidence, but who knows. All of my plans for the site are rapidly changing so I don't have much news about what's coming next but my passion hasn't waned and I wan't to take time to learn more. Javascript, ahem, ahem. Thank you everyone who came along with me on this journey! All of you art, writing, and websites rock and I hope you have a real swell year.

Tuesday: 27 December 2022 Holy moly, it's been a while. This has been a horribly busy month and none of it was about web design! I come back with a small update of a blog page, one of my goals for next year will be to actually update it. Don't read the first entry, its depressing and not at all a good segway into the new year. Anyway, hope you had some good winterly celebrations this month and have a good new year's eve as well! See you in the future, huzzah!

Wednesday: 16 November 2022 Happy website makeover, I return by unpopular demand! The site has observed some major changes what with the extension of the home page, the slightly increased responsiveness of all the pages, and a more cohesive style. The Graphics Lair is a new entry of which I am quite proud. I hope you enjoy these modifications and expansions as I have much more to add. The Cool Stuff pages will remain untouched for now as I am not happy with the current layout and am still looking for inspiration. Not all the art pages have also been changed to be responsive and are temporarily removed. I am very behind with my Nano plans and will likely aim at a more modest but hefty 40,000 words this year. As such, I'm not sure if I will be making any other updates until December. Honestly, this was a lot of work and learing done in a week, so I think I need to take a little step back to brainstorm future website schemes. Let me know how you're doing, lots of thanks for having a look, and it has been very lovely to have you over.

Thursday: 10 November 2022 Hello! I would like to let the visitors of my website know that I will be taking a hiatus and will be working on the site offline. What that means is that I will not be posting much for a while, though some art may appear. I wont be hiding the website, it will just remain unupdated for a little. The issue is that I am a bit burnt out with life stuff. However, I also hope to make major changes to the website regarding function and appearance. I realized I need to severely improve my accessibility and organization. Also, I think I need to make it more responsive. As such, I will wizard away in the shadows until I am done. During this period I will be unlikely to update my cool stuff and any other pages sadly. However, I will be back and hope to bring some neat changes to my site that satisfy me and are also nice for visitors such as yourself! For anyone who visits my pages and reads my stuff, thank you so much, you guys are awesome. Wish me luck and have a great day. Huzzah!

Tuesday: 1 November 2022
Gentlemen, I am very unhappy to announce I will be once again making an attempt at Nanowrimo. 2020 proved to be a fruitful year when I acheived the 50,000 (and 14!) word goal. 2021 sucked. During this 2022 Nano I will be writing the 0 Draft of a comic script. If you too use the cursed Nano website, I would love if you followed me there. Let me know if you will subject yourself to pain and agony this November or you'll be having a normal month.

Monday: 31 October 2022 Happy Halloween! Tis is the day, hurrah! Come on down to the Yesterweb 2022 Trick or Treat Event for lots of goodies and fun. Celebrate IRL too and watch lots of spooky movies. I will be viewing Halloween (1978) for the very first time tonight...

Wednesday: 12 October 2022
Something spooky is going on on this here site... could it be horror, gore, and... metal?

Saturday: 1 October 2022
Hooray, its officially October! I will be making a half-assed attempt at Inktober this year. My selected prompt list was made by Orrphelia on instagram and can be found here. To see my Inktober works, please proceed to my 2022 Art page. Thanks for having a look, let me know if you are also partaking in Inktober this year and send me some links to your art.

Thursday: 29 September 2022
Happy spooky month and Halloween! Beware the spirits. As a total newborn when it comes to horror cinema, I am aiming to watch as many classics as is possible this month. In my Spooky Movies All October list you can find what I've seen, am watching, and will watch. Join me if you too are a beginner and if you are a veteran please laugh at me directly on my Neocities profile. Boo! .

Wednesday: 28 September 2022
I have become a member of the Neocities Sticker Sheet Club. Huzzah! Check out my stickers and collection here!

Thursday: 15 September 2022
New Built to Spill album, When The Wind Forgets Your Name has been out since 9th of September. My gentle ray of sunshine in an otherwise migraine-inducing hellfire that is the world. If anyone likes Built to Spill, please befriend me. Keep It Like a Secret is my favourite album, though I love the others less only by a little. Theres some stylistic overlap. I'm just glad Built to Spill is in my life. My top track as of now is Understood.

Wednesday: 31 August 2022
I have finally uploaded a mini-project I've been working on (the cool stuff page). It's a mess, totally incomprehensible, way too much everything, illogical, barely functional, and one font has ruined my life. Can you tell I have no idea what I'm doing? Good. All according to plan... 10/10 experience. I will return later to fix the font and all the other missing tidbits, but its currently bed-time. In actually interesting news, my personal database on Contemporary Fairy Media is in the works. Huzzah!

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