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About me, the web-mangler...


Illustration ★★★☆☆ Writing ★★★☆☆ Languages ★★★☆☆

Coding ☆☆☆☆☆ Swearing ★★★★★ Movie-Snobbery ★★★★☆

Here comes the regular...

Hi, my name is Finny, I am definitely a Human Person, such as yourself. I don't really know what it is I do, because I'm totally lost in what modern and common self-indicators to use. Am I what I do for work? For hobbies? Where I'm from? Oh, man...

I make money writing (technical and academic, ahaha, fucking nerd) which I did not go to school for. I studied animation for three years and then didnt do it for about three more. I like illustration and painting, I'm okay at it but haven't made any money with it. So, and we're being very generous here, I suppose I'm a writer and artist.

I would like to say that I'm a queer individual because I don't mind any kind of person. Wait, isn't that the pansexual thing? No, because I actually don't like people very much and pansexuals sound like nice folk that like people. I just don't care. I'm very unlikely to be found in a romantic situation, and if for some reason I am, gender seems like, deeply irrelevant.

I'm bilignual and of Jewish ethnicity, though I don't practice any religion. I have a pretty negative relationship with most organized religions and this may come through in my writing and so forth. If this makes you upset, I'm sorry, I don't mean to, it's just how I'm trying to deal with it. My way is not the right way, it's just a way. I also swear like fuck, I don't think its cool, I just can't stop saying fuck and shit.

I'm not actually a total misanthrope and scumbag (I hope, damn), I just find it really hard to connect with people. I have few close friends and family, and a metaphorical box, dipped and submerged in the Mariana Trench. We put my feelings in there, let's just...um, leave it there, at the bottom, very good. Do you have a hard time properly opening up? I hope you don't, but I think a lot of us are like this. That's kind of my issue with socializing and existing in the world as it is now, I'm just totally unequipped. I don't like to work hard, or to network, or to excel at things. I just like doing the bare minimum to keep myself propped up and then go about my day. Sad, isnt it?

Going about my day consists of:

I'm actually in a really tough spot right now as a perpetual immigrant, if you know, you know. Still, between the stress and documents, I have what could qualify as a good time™.

Anyway, this was all probably TMI, my bad. Beam me the fuck up, Scotty.