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Welcome to my cool stuff collection! A random assortment of things I find interesting or cool. More in-depth and well-made trash on the i-zine.

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Contemporary Fairy Media

tv, film, video games, comics, anime, manga . . .

>> What is a contemporary fairy? Well, that's an interesting question, and according to academic research, fairies aren't real at all. Disappointing but not surprising. The fairy, especially in cultural and historical context can mean a variety of things, can take many shapes, and probably fuck with humans in unlimited ways. While it would . . . . [read more].

My Favourite Movie Characters

film, list

>> Welcome to my gallery of the coolest movie characters! I'm a big fan of the science fiction and coming-of-age film sort. Much like my favourite TV characters, some of these I love because of how impactful they were (i.e. Ruth). Others because they look so cool, yes, I'm aware they were on screen for less than a minute, but its my . . . . [read more].

The Ultimate High School/Teen Movie Ranking

film, list

>> I'm going to be honest, the criteria for what is a high school or teen film is gonna be very lax here. The story should happen to someone who is a teenager, it must be set in a high school, or other age-appropriate (or inappropriate) locations such as camps, clubs, or alternate dimensions. The notes are based on recurring . . . . [read more].

My Dream Cell Phone Collection

technology, list, collections

>> Who'd want to use a flip-phone these days? I actually held onto the new Nokia Matrix Banana for nearly a year in 2021 and it sure had some downsides. But to be honest, it was totally usable, and it looked cool, and I felt better. o, atleast for me, theres still a lot to love about old phones and though I doubt most of these are . . . . [read more].

My Favourite TV Show Characters

tv, list

>> A gallery of all my favourite characters from an assortment of TV shows! There's no real criteria, some I like because they are complex and have incredible depth (i.e. Jesse Pinkman) and others are just cool as hell (i.e. Mr. Wrench), or both (i.e. Drummer). Don't care about telly? Check out my favourite anime and manga . . . . [read more].

90s Alternative Songs from Canada

music, list, 90s

>> I'm no expert on Canada or even alternative rock, nothing but a casual enjoyer of both. However, sometimes I come across a track, then two or three, until I realize I'm looking at a localized scene of very cool and underrated bands or songs. Makes me wish I knew how music was made and stuff, I held a trumpet for a number of years . . . . [read more].