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...of the month #3: october 2022

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>> October is over, we have to wait another 11 months again! It was a surprisingly productive month for myself. Inktober proved to be fruitful and my art page is steadily growing. I did not succeed in my Spooky Movies Challenge as I failed to watch all 31 films in 31 days. However, I still had a good time and thats what counts. This has also been a month of steady changes. For instance, I decided to finally stop calling my Top 5 Disappointing Films disappointing. If I watch Netflix's Circle or Dragon Ball Evolution and expect to not feel dissappointed, theres something wrong. So, now I dub thee '5 Worst/Disappointing Films' because sometimes I know going in the movie will be shit but do it anyway. I sound kind of pretentious in this month's OTM, so I'd like to apologize ahead.

>> I watched 40 films this month.

Top 10 Films of the Month

Top 5 Disappointing/Worst Films

Top 10 Songs of the Month

Reads Of The Month

  • 2. The Little Death (1986, Henry Rios Mystery #1) - Michael Nava

  • Progress - Completed - 100%

  • A fantastic detective mystery that is based less on forensics and more on complicated inheritance law. Ace Attorney but gay (gayer). Henry Rios is a public defense laywer that could be making it big but is more interested in helping out those that are shrugged off by society. Set in 1980s San Francisco. Will be reading the following books soon.

    • 3. Masters of Atlantis (1985) - Charles Portis

    • Progress - Reading - 5%

    • An ancient book, supposedly of Atlantis, drives Lamar Jimmerson towards the Gnomon Society. Im only two chapters deep but its already hilarious, I can't believe the bad luck and descion-making of Portis characters.


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