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spooky movies all october 2022

the beginner edition of a pre-halloween watch-along

status: ongoing

first edit: 20.09.22

last edit: 05.11.22

music, list, film, literature

"Pixie, kobold, elf, and sprite,
All are on their rounds to-night... "

- Joel Benton, Hallowe'en

Happy Halloween!

>> I cannot confirm nor deny the beginner-ness of all these films. Real horror professionals would assemble a totally different list, but I relied on a consensus of what is considered good horror and decided to get all of that over first. I could die tomorrow. So I better watch a good movie before that. Most of these can be considered classics by many measures and I am deeply embarrased by my lack of foundation of spooky things. Please join me on my journey into this movie marathon...

Week 1: 1st - 7th

Week 2: 8th - 14th

Week 3: 15th - 21st

Week 4: 22nd - 28th

Week 5: 29th - 31st

Final Ranking


Sources & References

Blood Divider from silkholland on Tumblr. Spider Divider from Fun-Lover.com. Chain Link Fence Background from Sadgrl's Tiled Backgrounds. The Creature from "Is Something Wrong?" by Stephen Gammell.