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contemporary fairy media

a database for fairy media i come across and enjoy

status: ongoing

first edit: 31.08.22

last edit: 31.08.22

tv, film, video games, comics, anime, manga, literature, fashion, cartoons, internet, list

>> What is a contemporary fairy? Well, that's an interesting question, and according to academic research, fairies aren't real at all. Disappointing but not surprising. The fairy, especially in cultural and historical context can mean a variety of things, can take many shapes, and probably fuck with humans in unlimited ways. While it would be very cool to delve into the entire history of fairies and all the forms they can take, I am deeply unqualified and lack the time it would take (decades, I assume). As such, this page exists for me to document , share, and list (I can't stop making lists, help me), media I have consumed or will consume that relates to the modern fairy. My own definition for this entity will be simple; wings attached to back, size doesn't really matter. Why contemporary? It's really just me giving myself some limitations which will mean that works that have been created after the 60s will appear on this list.

>> If you see a , it means this is an item I recommend, while a means its a favourite of mine.

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