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my favourite tv show characters

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tv shows, list

>> A gallery of all my favourite characters from an assortment of TV shows! There's no real criteria, some I like because they are complex and have incredible depth (i.e. Jesse Pinkman) and others are just cool as hell (i.e. Mr. Wrench), or both (i.e. Drummer). Don't care about telly? Check out my favourite anime and manga, cartoon, film, video game, or book characters. To see a list of TV shows I've seen, please check out my tv show tracker. Does one of your faves appear on the list? Let us discuss!

Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)
Albert Rosenfield (Twin Peaks)
Jared Dunn (Silicon Valley)
Mr. Wrench (Fargo)
Orla McCool (Derry Girls)
Michelle Mallon (Derry Girls)
Lindsay Weir (Freaks and Geeks)
Sam Weir (Freaks and Geeks)
Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
Camina Drummer (The Expanse)
Steve Harrington (Stranger Things)
Roberta 'Bobbie' Draper (The Expanse)
Kimiko (The Boys)
Crowley (Good Omens)
Dougal (Father Ted)
Bertie Wooster (Jeeves and Wooster)
Billie McEvoy (Avenue 5)
Benton Fraser (Due South)
Manny Bianco (Black Books)
Maurice Moss (IT Crowd)
Rayanne Graff (My So-Called Life)

Sources & References

Twin Peaks Background from Adobe Stock. Crime Scene Tape from PNG ALL.