HUMAN FINNY PRESENTS . . . a halloween 2022 event . . .

a.k.a RAGMAN . . . a.k.a DEATH AT 33RPM

You are EDDIE WEINBAUER, a.k.a. Ragman. Resident metalhead loser, you don't have it easy at school. Even worse, your music idol, SAMMI CURR, has just died in a hotel fire...

One day, local radio jockey, DJ NUKE, gives you what is the only record of Sammi's last album, SONGS IN THE KEY OF DEATH. Something strange happens...its like you can hear messages that weren't there before...

What's that?! It's SAMMI CURR himself! The ghost of metal!

Using his GHOSTLY METAL POWERS, Sammi helps you put the bullies in their place...but wait...Sammi, that's too far! You got that girl hospitalized!

He has to be stopped, but how? THE HALLOWEEN DANCE! Hes frying high-schoolers! You, Eddie, need to do something!

Its the final showdown, your one chance to bring your legend back to the world of the TRULY DEAD.

In a last attempt, what do you do? (Pick the last option to avoid spoiling the ending of the film!)

>> Renounce Metal, Embrace Tears for Fears

>> Call Sammi a Poser

>> Destroy All Copies of Songs in the Key Of Death

>> Forget it, let Sammi Take Over The World!

>> I'm not Actually Eddie Weinbauer. I'm Just a Person on This Site. I'm Gonna Grab the Treats at the Bottom of the Page.

The End.


Hooray, you have defeated SAMMI CURR! Very metal of you, have a treat.





♫ Playlist From The Movie (With Extra Tunes Selected By Yours Truly) ♫

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2022! First and foremost, thank you for checking out the shrine to one of my favourite films. If you wanna watch Trick or Treat (1986) for free, its currently available on YouTube here. I am obsessed with this movie for its amazing visuals, animated lightning effects, awesome soundtrack, cool outfits, secret Satanic messages, metal, evil Sammi, and Eddie who tries his hardest to defeat his hero-turned-villain. Is this campy, borderline goofy? Absolutely, and its also an underrated masterpiece. If you don't agree, well, it's Sammi youre gonna have to answer to . . .

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