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04. memories

Important internet events...

Very sadly, I do not remember my first use of the internet. However, it must have been circa. 2007-2008, when I was but a small child. I have a few memories that are, you know, foundational to my being and I though it'd be fun to drop them here. Hey, maybe you had something like this happen to you?

Memory 01: Quizilla (2012-2013)

I fucking love Quizilla! It's such a trash fire. I had one quiz, what table cutlery are you, fork, knife, spoon? So fucking stupid. I wrote some kind of really angry poem and maybe one page of a fanfic. Lost memories, very upsetting. The Teennick site also had a game called Avatar U, which was a super shitty uni sim and the love of my life. It's kind of gone forever, though there are articles that claim in can be recovered.

Memory 02: 51Mole (2010-2012)

Fuck Club Penguin, all my homies play 51Mole. I'm guessing if you don't spend any time on Chinese sites, you must be wondering, what the heck is 51 Mole? Well, from my memories of playing it, it's a social game you play with strangers and friends, where you are a mole with a house and you can get clothes, furniture, and even pets. There was also one with robots called 51 Seer that I played briefly. There are mini-games, like the ice-cream one or the restaurant one. I remember I got quite a bit of swag easily, paying real money for in-game shit wasn't very big back then, so grinding was key. I miss it a lot, wish I still had access to my account. Also I couldn't read any Chinese at the time so I have no idea how I played the game, haha. You could also say fuck, it wasnt banned. Also, I'm not sure if I'm making this up, but the one time that someone confessed their crush to me I'm pretty sure it was through 51Mole.

Memory 03: Warrior Cats RP (2012)

I was deep in it. Does anyone remember the forums on the official site? I was only in a few clans, I RP'd with a real-life friend/classmate and our mutual online friend who was the clan leader/admin. So much petty drama in the brackets between RP'ing. Glorious. This is what made me a competent writer.

Memory 04: Gtalk (2012-2015)

Too young for AOL, too old for...I actually don't know what's being used. Anyway, Skype sucked, Facebook was banned and before Google too, went under, we had G-Talk. There was a desktop app and everything...Secrets were shared, friendships were broken, backstabbing too. Sometimes, questions about homework. It was the ultimate tool, we had computers at our school for the older kids, so everyone was messaging in class. Thank God our Google overlords saved the conversations so I can read back on them and cringe. Wanna the know what the worst thing is? I spent like, 7 months of 2014 typing everything with double 'i's to all my friends. Yeah, liike thiis. Liike from homestuck. Wasn't even my favourite character! I liked Aradia the most. Kiill me. Anyway, here's a goofy out of context to give you insight into my Gtalk culture:

Memory 01: Habbo (2012-2013)

I was a Teenage Habbo. Yes, sadly, I was. I had a Habbo boyfriend who broke up with me to get with someone else and I was spamming lyrics from CeeloGreen's 'Fuck You' at him. It went a little like this:

Anyway, Habbo was bad an I wasn't even involved in the crime rings and pyramid schemes for child slaves. The more you know. I actually still have my Habbo account, add me if you want, my account is ancient.

That's all my internet memories for now, but I hope to return with more.